Tantakel was founded in August 2019 in Makassar city. It was inspired by its characteristic, an elongated, boneless, flexible organ present in Octopus and some species of animal use for feeling, holding, and grab things.

Tentakel stands for Tempatna To Payaboa Appillajara Teknologi (Makassar language), is a place for scavengers to learn about technology. It’s a community, a dynamic ecosystem that aims to comprehend technology to the entire society, especially scavengers.

We are a creative space that exists to support young people in their quest to explore the world of game-changing socio-environmental innovations. We believe that if you bring the right young people, with shared intentions and similar values, remarkable things will happen.

Since we open for application on August 24, we have received over 300 applications for our Tentakel program this year. Selected volunteers wil be experiencing a practice-based approach to help develops skills, knowledge, and competence necessary as an individual and as a team to become successful entrepreneurial leader.



Connecting scavengers to technology that could raise their incomes and providing all the necessary supports for innovation including empathy, transparency, and compassion through Tentakel’s members

Unleashing the innovative power of Tentakel’s member with comprehensive resource such as a network of highly-curated mentors, peer-to-peer advisors, and many more







Tentakel as scavengers. Have you ever imagined to be a scavenger? Get an order from your smartphone to pick up some else’s trash. Can you imagine how fun it is? This program gives you the opportunity to really get to know and create lasting relationship with users, trash collectors, and scavengers. Not only that, by signing up as a scavenger, you could also provide feedback and constructive advice to those stakeholders and earning DTBM in one go, making the learning opportunities even more meaningful. You can also interact with the real scavengers to find problems or you want to educate the child of scavs with your expertise, it is all in our programs.



The blue-blood conference is a groundbreaking new innovators, a dynamic and full service space for Tentakel’s members pursue entrepreneurial ventures while diving deep into the world of innovation. The whole idea of the program is to help participants learn about the challenges, developing their ideas and provide them with functional guidance. If you have a good idea, have put some solid thoughts into it, and are up for getting a ton of help then you are the right person to join this program.



Muscle-gain program is a time for exploring, developing, and refining your ideas with the experts. We offer a host of idea validation, ; including steps and tools for testing your ideas to minimize the risk. This program designed to help you explore what innovation means to you, what it means to develop and test your ideas, and how Tentakel can be a resource for you beyond the scope of just operating a startup.



After completing the blue-blood and muscle-gain program then it’s time to get incubated and accelerated! It’s the time to convert your idea into a practical reality. Giant Pacific Octopus is a place where you can grow together as a family. This program designed through an experienced startup incubator and accelerator which understands the needs and requirements of next generation entrepreneur. Thinking of funding? Don’t worry, under this one of a kind program you would also have an option to get support for your business venture in terms of funding, infrastructure, and mentoring.