Octopus App Helps Collect Used Packaging for Recycling

Mar 05, 2021

Octopus App Helps Collect Used Packaging for Recycling

 Octopus, an application for collecting used packaging, is growing rapidly in line with the increasing public concern for the environment, especially the systematic use of waste production.

Octopus is an app that allows users to deposit used packaging for recycling. Users, with the main target being young people who are already concerned about the environment, will receive rewards such as discounted vouchers when buying contemporary coffees.

Octopus has 3 mobile apps, namely for users (consumers), conservationists (waste collectors), and waste production businesses (checkpoints). These three applications have synergized very well, so that over the last 6 months, Octopus has managed to collect 9.9 million waste products from users. To be proud of, one of the Octopus conservationists earned an income of 10.4 million rupiah in one month in October 2020.

Sulaiman (43) is the name of the preserver. Initially, he was in debt from 3 online loan platforms. He had no home, had 2 dependent children, and at that time had no choice to save his family's economy.

Then, Solomon found Octopus. He volunteered as a recycler/recycler in February 2020. The waste he transported was brought to be sold to the waste bank. Then Octopus' partner waste bank sells it to the recycling industry.

Thanks to his hard work, within a month Solomon was able to pay off his debts, pay his children's school fees, and secure his family's economy.

Sulaiman's income as a full-time conservationist at Octopus started at around 1 million rupiah per month, then increased to 3 million rupiah per month, and finally reached 10.4 million per month. Solomon's income is the highest record for Octopus.

Sulaiman is one of about 8000 people who are conservationists at Octopus operating in Makassar and Bali. The majority of these conservationists used to be scavengers who were trained on how to use the application and identify acceptable waste for the recycling industry. In addition to scavengers, Pelestari also consists of students, victims of layoffs due to the Covid-19 pandemic and online motorcycle taxis.

Octopus Indonesia was founded in Makassar in early 2020, consisting of 7 people with various backgrounds, such as graduates from US campuses such as Harvard Business School and MIT, and UC Berkeley.

Octopus CEO and co-founder, Moehammad Ichsan said, Octopus carried out the first pilot project in Makassar.

“With this reason we want to start innovating from eastern Indonesia. I then met with Hamish, and it turned out that he had the same vision as Hamish regarding the ways in which the waste that is consumed does not run into the trash or be thrown away, but can be a driving force for the recycling industry that can increase circular economy activities," said Ichsan in his written statement. in Jakarta, Friday (5/3).

Hamish Daud Wylie, who is Raisa's husband, is now Octopus' Chief Marketing Officer.

“Octopus is a circular economy ecosystem that can be a solution to the waste problem in Indonesia, we help the industry to get better recycled materials, help scavengers get better jobs, and even help standardize the price of recycled materials in every city, everybody is happy, it's a win-win solution!”, Hamish daud, CMO Octopus.

Currently Octopus Indonesia has 35 thousand application users, 1.600 collection partners and a waste bank where Conservationists deposit the transported waste. The Octopus application is now available in Makassar, Badung (Bali), Gianyar (Bali), Denpasar, and will soon be in Bandung.


by Investor.id